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Glasgow Communities & Libraries Volunteering

Glasgow Life Volunteering

Glasgow Life is part of the city wide partnership which aims to develop volunteering opportunities and to grow volunteering skills.

Each year Glasgow Life provides numerous rewarding, safe and supported opportunities for volunteers, at one-off major events to more regular activities in our libraries, museums and community facilities throughout the city with around 1500 people currently involved as volunteers in Glasgow Life activities.

Some volunteer roles require existing skills and previous experience, however we also provide training in a wide range of activities such as youth work and sports coaching to assist our volunteers to gain employability skills and experience. To ensure our volunteers get the best possible experience, we cannot always immediately place, support or train a volunteer on demand; and different aspects of our work only involve new volunteers at certain times of the year.

Often, people volunteer to share their skills & experiences while others get involved to gain skills, experience and confidence. So, whatever your situation and interests there is probably something we do in your local community or as part of a city wide cultural or sporting event that you can help out with on a casual basis or get more involved in over a period of time.

If you are thinking about volunteering in culture or sport then getting involved has never been easier – now you can search a wide range of volunteer opportunities across Glasgow Life and sign-up at the click of a button. To get involved simply register with the Glasgow Life Volunteering today!